Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The Glynn County Massacre: Guy Heinze Jr Day 8: 12 Nightmares Before Christmas

 It's already day 8!

On an August morning in 2009 in Brunswick, Georgia, twenty-two-year-old Guy Heinze Jr returned to the trailer that he shared with nine family members. When he stepped inside, he found the beaten bodies of seven people: his father, Guy Sr, Russell Toler Sr, Russell Jr, Michelle and Chrissy Toler, Brenda Falagan, and Joseph West. Michael Toler and Chrissy's three-year-old were clinging to life. Michael would later die at the hospital.

Guy Heinze Jr was arrested for the murders and found guilty in a court of law. But not everyone agrees with the verdict. While some agree Guy Jr killed his entire family in a drug-fueled rage, others believe that he is completely innocent. At the very least, they feel he did not get a fair trial and that the investigation was poorly executed.

Listen to Cam and Jen discuss "The Glynn County Massacre: Guy Heinze Jr" and decide for yourself.

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(this petition is now closed, but it does give information about the case )

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