Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Mosman Monster: Granny Killer John Wayne Glover Day 6 the 12 NIghtmares Before Christmas

 It is day six of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas. We are going to Mosman, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, where 82-year-old widow Gwendolin Mitchellhill was found right outside her apartment building around 4 pm on March 1st, 1989. Two children had just stepped off the elevator; through the glass security doors, they saw the poor woman crawling on her hands and knees with an immense amount of blood coming from her head. The woman’s belongings, shoes, cane lay neatly a few feet away, her pantyhose were off, and her purse was open. Assuming she had fallen and hit her head, an ambulance was called for the woman, and she was rushed to the hospital. One keen-eyed ambulance driver noticed her open purse, noticed her wallet was not inside and reported it to the police. Kind neighbors took it upon themselves to gather Ms. Mitchelhill’s cane and bag and clean all the blood from the sidewalk. This was the first murder by a man known as The Granny Killer.

Join Cam and Jen as we discuss “The Mosman Monster: Granny Killer John Wayne Glover” on Day 6 of 12 Nightmares Before Christmas.

Edward October from @octoberpodVHS is the voice you hear at the top of the show.

Sweet Nico is our bestie. Nico @wetalkofdreams makes all our music and just happens to be our EP too.

Book: Crime and Punishment: 50 Crimes That Shocked Australia by Alan Sharpe

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