Friday, December 9, 2022

Killer Uncle Joe: Rima Traxler, Kara Rudd & Chila Silvernails Day 3 The 12 Nightmares Before Christmas

 It is day 3, and we are headed to Longview, Washington. It is a quiet, safe town located about 50 miles outside Portland, Oregon. It is May 15, 1985, when Danelle Traxler is waiting for her young daughter, 8-year-old Rima, to arrive home from school after her walk home. Her mother had a strange feeling knowing that Rima was never one to be late. Danelle went outside and traveled the same path Rima would have, hoping to run into her, but she did not see her. Danelle went home and called the police to report her 8-year-old missing. 

Danelle informs officers what Rima was wearing that day and emphasizes that Rima would never talk to strangers, much less get into a car with one. In fact, Rima had a password that her family would use in an emergency. Anyone asking Rima to get in the car with them-family or even friends-- would have to have the family password. No matter who it was, they had to have the password to let Rima know it was ok.  It was as if Rima had simply disappeared. Sadly, this was not the first time a young girl disappeared from the area; even worse, it would not be the last. 

Join Jen and Cam on the 5th Annual Our True Crime Podcast’s 12 Nightmares Before Christmas-Day 3: Killer Uncle Joe: Rima Traxler, Kara Rudd & Chila Silvernails

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