Friday, December 9, 2022

The Snapshot Killer: Christopher Wilder Day 8 The 12 Nightmare Before Christmas

On March 5th, 1984, a twenty-three-year-old Orange Bowl Princess named Elizabeth “Beth” Kenyon left the parking lot of the Coral Gables High School where she worked as a special needs teacher. Beth had also been a finalist in the Miss Florida contest in 1982. She thought the pageants were a lot of fun, but her heart was with the kids she taught. She waved goodbye to the security guard on duty, and it is presumed she was headed to the gym. However, she would never make it to the gym, nor would she make it home to her apartment on Ives Dairy Road. The police did list Beth as a missing person but assured the Kenyons their daughter was fine, claiming that young women her age went away for a few days without telling their parents all the time. Beth’s parents knew that their daughter was not that irresponsible. Convinced that something was wrong and unhappy with the apathetic attitude of the police, the Kenyons hired private investigators, a father-son duo named Ken Whittaker Senior and Junior. Ken Senior was an ex-FBI Chief and amazingly thorough. No clue was too small for him. Hiring them would be the most important step in this case.

Join Jen and Cam on the 5th Annual Our True Crime Podcast’s 12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 8: The Snapshot Killer: Christopher Wilder

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