Thursday, January 30, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 10 South African Killer Cannibal Stewart Wilken AKA Boetie Boer

Most serial killers have a certain type of victim.  Ted Bundy liked to kill women with long, straight, dark hair.  John Wayne Gacy liked young men between the ages fo 16 and 19.  Gary Rdgeway preferred female sex workers and young runaways.

Stewart Wilken was different.  He killed female sex workers and young boys living on the street.

Come join Jen and Cam as they talk about one of South Africa's serial killer and what he liked to call the 'jellybean effect'

Edward October @octoberpodvhs lends his fabulous voice to out listener discretion

Nico @wetalkofdreams is our lovely producer and handles all the music, sound and editing.


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