Thursday, January 30, 2020

71. The More You Know : Netflix's I AM A KILLER 2 Part 1

If you love television documentaries, especially on crime or prison, this is the OTCP episode for you. On Friday, January 31st, Netflix is releasing the second season of ‘I Am A Killer.’ The series features people that are currently in prison serving time for committing murder and telling their stories. The show combines crime footage along with interviews of the killer as well as interviews with family members and their victims’ families.  In today’s episode, ‘The More You Know: Netflix’s I Am A Killer’ Jen and Cam profile each of the killers highlighting details of their crime allowing you to get a head start on this fantastic series.

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I Am A Killer
Woman sentenced to 60 years for strangling a man to death in Wal-Mart parking lot
By Ashley Nerbovig -
Woman sentenced for strangling boyfriend in Billings  By Aja Goare - MTN News
Woman accused in Heights homicide said man asked to die; she wanted to try killing with 'her bare hands’  By Ashley Nerbovig - Billings Gazette
Juvenile injustice?

State of Missouri v. David Barnett---980 S.W. 2d 297 (Mo.banc 1998)

Woman Sentenced to 25 Years for

Cavona Flenoy pleads guilty to killing Hassan Abbas, writes that she teased having sex with him prior to shooting     By Justin Kendall -

State of Missouri v. Charles W. Armentrout III---Supreme Court of Missouri, En Banc.,December 21, 1999

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